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11.11.2017 System Maintenance

We kindly inform, that all University IT systems will be unavailable on Sat, November​ 11. Estimated downtime: 8:00 - 16:00 (CET). We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience,

Courses linkage

Attention Students !

Each course should be linked on the site "Students Section" -> "Linkage".
If you don't link them you will be removed from the courses.
The courses you have registered on using USOSweb registrations should be linked the same day you have registered, because such unlinked courses will be removed next day after registering. The rest of courses (token registrations or registrations made in the secretary) should be linked until 8th of March, because such unlinked courses will be removed after 9th of March.

More information on the Polish version of the main page.

Linkage instruction in English available at:

About news

Dear User,

most of our news are avilable in Polish only, so take a look at the Polish version of the main page.

USOSweb team

How to log into the USOSweb system

To log into the system you have to enter your ID (identyfikator) and password (hasło). As the ID you can use:
  • your email address: name.surname@uj.edu.pl
  • ID number: (numbers)@usosweb.uj.edu.pl - the ID number you can get from your coordinator or secretary


Dear Students!

This internet service was designed for you. It shows you the information entered into the main USOS system by administrative staff, and offers many additional possibilities, such as online course registrations or surveys.

USOSweb is made of modules. Not all of these modules are used at their full capacities, at the moment this depends mainly on the faculty where you study. Additionally, a large part of functions and informations is accessible only for users who have logged in. Every student and teacher should have an id and password of his/her own, assigned by the faculty's student office. You can get more information about USOSweb accounts and possible problems using the LOG IN link in the upper left part of the window.

In case of technical problems, contact the administrator of USOSweb.

With best regards
UJ USOSweb team

Interdisciplinary Programme in the Humanities and Social Sciences

27.09.2017 Interdisciplinary Programme in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Registration for courses of the Interdisciplinary Programme in the Humanities and Social Sciences (IPHSS) starts on September 28th at 10 A.M. lasts until October, 8th 11 A.M. Please, remember about linkage of the courses (in "Student’s Section" directory "Linkage"). In case of any problems with access to registration please contact IPHSS office, email: anna.stadnicka@uj.edu.pl