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Interdyscyplinary Seminar

General data

Course ID: BSTS-InterSemi Erasmus code / ISCED: (unknown) / (unknown)
Course title: Interdyscyplinary Seminar Name in Polish: Interdisciplinary Seminar
Department: (in Polish) Biuro do spraw obsługi projektu "Interdyscyplinarne studia doktoranckie STŚ"
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Language: English
Short description:

The seminar will be organized as an intensive meetings of 8 hours each (6 sessions are planned). Instructors will help students to organize the Seminars, but most of the meetings will be led by students themselves. During the seminar, each student will give 5-minute talks on his/her Ph.D. research, it’ll be challenged by a discussant, followed by Q&A session and comments from the tutor. Each talk will be evaluated the instructor himself. Each panel will be chaired by a different student and his duties will include time management and coordination of questions from the audience. All panels will be video recorded and material used for the Research Communication course. Each student has to participate in at least 3 meetings, including at least one led by life-science tutor.


Making a Presentation in English at a European Conference [at]


Making a presentation: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~mihaib/presentation-rules.html

Learning outcomes:

Student is able to present high quality materials to illustrate his speech, present it in a given time, clearly state goals, hypotheses, conducted research and its outcomes. Student is ready to present results of his/hers research in the form of scientific seminar intended for listeners from his/hers discipline as well as give popular science talk for researchers from other disciplines. Student knows how to choose focus of the presentation (basic science, potential applications, impact on the society) and media used for the presentation to the topic and audience. Student can evaluate presentation of others and give constructive comments. Student is prepared to answer questions during discussion. Student knows how to chair the series of talks in a professional and polite manner.

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

The following elements will be taken into account: quality of the project presented (based on a research project), quality of presentation (including presented and prepared materials, but also way of delivering a speech), active participation in discussions (including critical evaluation of other presentations)

Condition of credits: Attendance, presentation of seminar, active participation in discussions

This course is not currently offered.
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