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Satan in Abrahamic Religions

Informacje ogólne

Kod przedmiotu: WFz.KPSC-8330 Kod Erasmus / ISCED: (brak danych) / (0221) Religia
Nazwa przedmiotu: Satan in Abrahamic Religions
Jednostka: Katedra Porównawczych Studiów Cywilizacji
Punkty ECTS i inne: (brak)
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Język prowadzenia: angielski
Skrócony opis: (tylko po angielsku)

Satan – the principle of evil, God’s ultimate adversary and the leader of the fallen angels – has played a significant yet often masked role in various cultures constituted on the monotheistic basis. With time he has been constantly incorporating additional qualities and performing new functions, periodically becoming more abstract and transcendent and then again – more anthropomorphic and complex. The records of his multidimensional semantic evolution can be traced in a variety of Jewish, Christian and Muslim sources, both canonical and extra-canonical as well as in additional, contextual compositions. Meticulous study of these materials with high sensitivity towards their original language leads to a detailed reconstruction of the image of Satan. As a result strong textual basis allows for the application of multiple (post)modern interpretations of the social role played by Devil.

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