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International Management

Informacje ogólne

Kod przedmiotu: WZ.IEZ-Z/dbfm/II1/IM Kod Erasmus / ISCED: (brak danych) / (brak danych)
Nazwa przedmiotu: International Management
Jednostka: Instytut Ekonomii, Finansów i Zarządzania
Grupy: Przedmioty dla programu WZKS-E191-2SO - BaFM, stacjonarne drugiego stopnia
Punkty ECTS i inne: 4.00
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Język prowadzenia: angielski

Zajęcia w cyklu "Semestr zimowy 2020/2021" (zakończony)

Okres: 2020-10-01 - 2021-01-28
Wybrany podział planu:

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Typ zajęć: Wykład, 30 godzin, 65 miejsc więcej informacji
Koordynatorzy: Barbara Fryzeł
Prowadzący grup: Barbara Fryzeł
Lista studentów: (nie masz dostępu)
Zaliczenie: Przedmiot - Egzamin
Cele kształcenia:

(tylko po angielsku) It is assumed that in result of class participation and student’s individual work/teamwork, a student should:

- be able to discuss business internationalization and it’s consequences for markets and societies from the interdisciplinary and holistic perspective

- be able to have an educated discussion on the role of transnational corporations in shaping the societies and markets,

- be able to develop analytical framework facilitating selected cross-border managerial decisions

Efekty kształcenia:

(tylko po angielsku) Knowledge:

- A student knows the major phenomena and dynamics of globalization (K_W20, K_U04)

- A student knows the main strategic aspects of international business and can discuss them in the context of competitive advantage (K_W05)

- A student is able to discuss the socio-cultural, complex mechanisms of globalized market and their relevance for management and selected business functions


- A student is able to design analytical framework, use and interpret the relevant secondary data in order to make informed, evidence-based recommendation relevant for operating in the international environment (K_U11, K_U17)


- A student is able to produce basic business development ideas, resulting from the teamwork research and analytics and is able to communicate them providing relevant argumentation (K_K04, K_K05)

Wymagania wstępne:

(tylko po angielsku) Basics of organization and management, additionally, basics of micro and macroeconomics might be helpful

Forma i warunki zaliczenia:

(tylko po angielsku) Team-work based analytical project.

Full participation of all team members is requested for the presentation which is to be delivered in person and in class as per the schedule agreed during first lecture.

Metody sprawdzania i kryteria oceny efektów kształcenia uzyskanych przez studentów:

(tylko po angielsku) Verification through:

- Team-work based analytical project – a presentation delivered by the team:

Example project:

Mini-case basics:

The company in question is a beauty products retailer set up by two university graduates in the late 90s in the Canada. They operate in a highly profitable sector, given that cosmetics are fairly easy to ship, cheap to store and offer a very high margin. The business was intended to provide unique shopping experience offering high-end and specialised beauty products (cosmetics, perfume, bath products, hair treatment, etc.) in small stores, run by highly specialised advisors providing customers with individual advice and detailed technological information about the products. It’s vision was to become an alternative to the drugstores and department stores which at the time were the obvious places to buy cosmetics. The idea was to become a friendly place for high-end local community. Additionally SPA services and hair treatment services are offered in-store. The company offers luxury brands but also developed own – labels.

The business has 147 stores in big cities and has been showing a steady profit. It successfully expanded to the US market two years ago. The owners consider further development into Latin America lured by the dynamics of Mexico’s beauty market. Should they expand to Latin America? Which country should they target?

On the basis of the micro-case please conduct analysis to reccomend the best location. Observe the folllowing steps:

- prepare analytical framework, i.e. the list of criteria to consider and their verifiable measures (min. 5 criteria, min. 4 numerical measures each all compared across min. 4 locations)

- decide on the relevant and reliable data sources to be used and collect the numbers

- on the basis of the data prepare locations ranking

Metody dydaktyczne - słownik:

Metody podające - prezentacja multimedialna
Metody podające - wykład informacyjny
Metody praktyczne - metoda projektów
Metody problemowe - metody aktywizujące - metoda przypadków

Metody dydaktyczne:

(tylko po angielsku) • lecture

• case studies, discussion

• film,

• project workshop

Bilans punktów ECTS:


Pełny opis: (tylko po angielsku)


1. Theoretical framework of globalization

2. Market consolidation and capital concentration

3. Strategic aspects of international business - cross - border strategies, co-operation, expansion to foreign markets

4. Impact of internationalization on selected business functions

5. Organizational culture in international business

6. Selected aspects of consumer behavior and their role in developing a global business (example business functions)

7. Social aspects in international business (film)


1. Competitive advantage on international markets – value chain configuration

2. Offshoring and location decisions

Literatura: (tylko po angielsku)

1. Farrell D , Smarter Offshoring, Harvard Business Review [01 Jun 2006, 84(6):84-92, 145]

2. Literature suggested by the students in prparation of their project

Uwagi: (tylko po angielsku)

Please note that the project presentation serves as exam, therefore full participation of all team members is requested for the presentation which is to be delivered in person and in class as per the schedule agreed during first lecture.

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